I normally love the last two weeks of March. Noticing the gentle move towards lighter evenings. The blossom appearing. The official date marking spring on the 21st, along with my most favourite marker— the clocks moving forward.

But the last two weeks have been hard. Difficult to pinpoint exactly why…

Becoming a Trustee, reflecting on change and finding balance

This is my first #biweeklynote. I quite like the format taken by Martha Edwards, so I’m trialing that. I felt a little run down on Friday (just a cold!) so I’m writing this on a Sunday evening — it’s a little rushed.

What went well?

I facilitated a ‘review point’ meeting on the…

My #Weeknote companions

In December 2020, I reflected on my goal to get better at writing. I concluded that writing #WeekNotes might be helpful vehicle to flex and develop my skills, and become more comfortable with publishing once it’s ‘good enough’.

At the start of the year, I wrote #Weeknotes for four weeks…

Oxailis, flowering

It’s the end of January (Hooray!) and it’s my fourth week writing #weeknotes. As this was a trial, I’m going to take a break over the next couple of weeks to think about whether publishing weeknotes is working for me as a way to write and share more.

Key things that happened this week:

I continued…

Chops, catching some rays.

Week 3. Working from home. Lockdown 3.0. Urgh.

Getting cabin fever. Thank god the sun was out today. Makes everything feel just that little bit easier to get through.

I didn’t feel like writing #weeknotes when I got up today. It has been a busy week, and this does feel…

Repotted plants

This week felt a little odd. It’s the second week back at work and I haven’t found my rhythm. Also, a bunch of projects (and roles) I was leading came to their natural end in December, so I’m in that in between place before the next phase of work kickstarts.

Oxalis. New growth

As I’m sure is the case for many of you, it’s my first week back in my living-office. This is also my first official ‘weeknote’, following the test run I published at the end of 2020.

I was lucky enough to take two full weeks off for the seasonal break…

My spirit animal — Print by Le Gun

I set myself a goal for 2020 — publish six articles to improve my writing skills, and get better at sharing what I’m working on. I chose six, because I thought I wouldn’t manage more than one every two months.

I’m sad to say, I didn’t quite manage that. To…

Daria Nepriakhina, Unsplash

In the last month I’ve had quite a few requests from colleagues to facilitate a ‘retro,’/‘lessons learnt’ session to review key projects recently completed.

It seems that many are eager to mark the end of the year somehow, speed up time, move on and start fresh. Understandable, of course. After…

Our  obsession with scale. Image by Fidel Fernando https://unsplash.com/@fifernando
The obsession with scale. Image by Fidel Fernando https://unsplash.com/@fifernando

One of the things I love about the public engagement community is that we are super-skilled at finding creative ways to engage the public with research.

Over the last 20–30 years, we’ve seen amazing exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, debates and interactive experiences delivered by this community.

If you have designed…

Farrah Nazir

Insights and Learning Lead for Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion @WellcomeTrust.

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